Thursday, January 10, 2008

a video that deserves your undivided attention.

This movie is brilliant. It has Bill Murray in it.

The only reason I found it was because I have been watching Flight of the Conchords lately and I've developed a bit of a crush on Kirsten Schaal. I don't think that I will turn into a stalker, but I wonder how many stalkers have said that. In this film she eats a banana - and it isn't sexy.

Of special note is the reference to Wikipedia, one of my most favorite websites. What better use of the internet is there but to allow the masses to be weekend academics? Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Dear Cantelope,

I love you. But not in a creepy stalker way. I promise.

Pamplemousse said...

thank you for the love.

not creepy unless in one of those chat rooms I have heard about.