Monday, January 14, 2008

late thursday afternoon picnic.

On Thursday, I went for a picnic.

It was just before 3 pm when I decided that, and mostly because I saw my thermos as I was making coffee. It seems odd to have a thermos that doesn't get enough use, which is also how I feel about my tent.

I added some bailey's, because it was windy out, and I thought bailey's might somehow help with that. Thermoses work better that way.

With a quick stop at the Fruiterie for samosas, since it isn't a picnic without at least a snack, I took off up the mountain. Thanks to the icy pathways, the mountain was nearly deserted. Even the Haitian pot dealers were taking a day off.

I took the picture around 4:15. If you look closely in the windows, you can just make out people working in their offices.

I would very much like to work in an office, so that I could leave the house in the morning and have some sort of responsibility that would slowly fill up my bank account. Of course, that would likely mean the end of mid-week adventures.

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french panic said...

re: slowly filling up bank account. This won't work if your job makes you incredibly unhappy and you spend money on drugs and alcohol and eating out in an attempt to somehow fill the void that your officelife has sucked out of you. Or develop an addiction to Amazon. Just call me VOD for short - Voice Of Doom.