Thursday, January 10, 2008

little white lies.

This is a photo I took a couple of years ago when I was in camera and computer school. I'm not posting this to shock you with visible pubic hair, or to brag that someone got naked in front of my humble little camera. I am illustrating a point. My model is very pretty. She has quite a lovely body and all of my classmates had acknowledged that fact. When I printed these out, in a dark room old school style, I was very pleased with myself. This photo immediately went into my portfolio.

Recently I was asked to do some touch up work. This is what I was able to do after an hour with photoshop.

I have no quarrel with pornography. Every honest person will admit wanting to see naked people, at least at some point in their lives. Watching naked people doing 'stuff' is a natural progression. Humans are a curious species and if we weren't, we wouldn't have bothered to come down from the trees.

However, we do need to accept some basic truths in our modern world. What you see may not be what you see. Every nearly naked underwear ad on giant bill boards has gone through a similar photo retouching process. Every Playboy centerfold has had their skin smoothed out in computer land. You may not even be looking at their actual waist. These people do not exist the way you see them in magazines.... little white lies that lead some of us to stop eating properly and get expensive and unnecessary surgery.

Just the same, if you feel the need to tell some little white lies of your own, I'm available for hire. For the right price, I won't even tell on you.


french panic said...

eeeeeeeeeeek! I wasn't prepared to find boobs and bush on your blog this morning... I suppose this is punishment for reading non-work related things on my computer.

or maybe I should FLAG YOU FOR REMOVAL like craigslist has been doing to me. Or should I say, the idiots on craigslist who think that correct spelling, proper punctuation and INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS CONTENT are objectionable.

brian garson said...

mouse over my image haha

not much photoshop...

Pamplemousse said...


That is truly stunning/shocking/impressive.

If only we could photoshop personalities.