Wednesday, October 24, 2007

what's wrong with the rich people?

This perverted little scene was in the shop window of an Outremont boutique.

Outremont is the neighbourhood right next to Mile End. Everything changes when you cross the street, though it may be hard to see the difference at first. The back alleys are spotless, as compared to our back alleys, which often smell of dog shit and sour milk. The street signs are more pleasant. The grocery store charges just that little bit more for the bottled tap water, and the dairy section never ever smells like the dairy sections of Mile End grocery stores. On surface, it is on the right side of the tracks.

Mostly, the residents of Outremont are wealthy francophones (including the slimy mayor of Montréal and Brian Mulroney - that sort of folk) and Hassidic jews. It is an odd mix of society, which don't actually mix.

The mayor of the rich little borough was fired a week or so ago for running a private bar for himself and his cronnies using public funds, which certainly adds that Montréal style corruption to the community. I must confess to giggling with glee at the news, however, I've never had to sit through a city council meeting. Perhaps a thousand dollar bottle of scotch is a legitimate business expense.

I'm not sure why anyone would make statues of bent over Chinese kids. I'm even less sure about lining three of them up in a row in the front window of a chichi boutique.

I am hoping that there is a reasonable explanation for decorating a living room with this motif.

Not wanting to explore what all of this potentially represents, I'm just content knowing that is unlikely I will ever become a rich francophone yuppie.

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french panic said...

all right. you win the blog war. your blog is 38 million times better than mine. i can't keep up with your multimedia content.

am making preparations for my retirement party from blog world.

don't know if I'm going to invite you though. must hold fast to my grudges.