Wednesday, October 17, 2007

breakfast at Ém café

This was my most excellent breakfast on Saturday. The bananas are inside the crêpe, and I got two different kinds of cream... I didn't even know that I needed two kinds of cream. My eyes have been opened. I will now demand that all dairy needs be backed up with a second, more different, option.

Another café has opened in Mile End. This one is very clean and simple and oozes good taste. It is called Ém Café, and since I said something nice and took a pretty picture without asking for money, I think I deserve free coffee.


Kate Neckel said...

yum...i deserve a free cup for such a lovely pic!

Em Café MileEnd said...

I am one of the owners of EM Café. Thanks for the lovely picture and comments. Stop by anytime for your free coffee! My name is Sonja and I look forward to meeting you.