Wednesday, October 24, 2007

questions about gravestones

French Panic and I were just wondering if you can put anything you want on your gravestone. Does anyone know for sure?

Ever since I watched my favorite movie, The Royal Tenenbaums, for the first time, I’ve tried to think of the perfect quote, an utter lie, to have carved into stone. So far, I’ve come up with not too much.

I too would like to simply write ‘HOLMES’ and leave it at that. But I think it would be too subtle, and people would just think that was my name, and not a greeting, even if I wrote ‘hey’ at the beginning.

Do we have to have the proper dates carved into a gravestone? Could I just say I was born in 1532? Because I would like that.

I’m too lazy to do any actual research on my own, so if someone could get back to me with theories or an actual answer, or even just a creative lie that I can pawn off as the truth, that would be super.


french panic said...

after completing absolutely zero research, I see no problem with putting whatever the hell you want on your gravestone. Though those funeral home/gravekeeper type people seem to have rules about stuff, just like every other damn place.

what are they good for absolutely nothing say it again.

I've decided that instead of updating my blahg, I'm just going to leave looooong comments everywhere else. I have spent the last hour and a half leaving very intelligent responses on random blogs. my contribution to the world of communication. also, I really don't want to clean the bathroom - that tub is disgusting.

Wilma said...

After doing a lot of research, 78% of the people I spoke to said you can put whatever the hell you want on your gravestone.

It's usually not a funeral home that does the gravestone anyway. I know here it's a private business separate from that.

There are no "rules" just "conventions". From my limited knowledge of you, you are not conventional. So go for it!