Tuesday, October 23, 2007

haiku for an ex-boss/tormentor

rich fat businessman
pounding on your blackberry
you are such a turd

(photo censored to provide plausible deniability.)


Anonymous said...

here is what i don't understand. your blog, the postings on your blog, actually make me laugh. or, in the case of the coffee for two on a sunday, make me think about how you are good with your camera.

i see other blogs, with much higher traffic, more commentary, more recognition. but your blog is as good. oftentimes, even better than popular ones.

what is popularity?
how to get in with the cool kids?
but do you even want to get in the cool kids? they are so fickle.

i don't know about you, but only a smattering of people I know, people i've told about the existence of my blog, even bother to read mine. my "friends" are not interested in anything i have to say. a few, yes.

but what is "friends"? what is friendship? what is loyalty? fraternity? are they not interested in me? am i only good for a larf now and then? do i overrate my own abilities? (yes) is my insecurity that palpable? (yes) is my need for some sort of recognition that distasteful? (yes) am i impatient? hasty? expecting too much of something that isn't even there? (yes)

but do i enjoy your blog only because I know you in real life? would i find it so entertaining if you were only a random stranger?

-- me

Anonymous said...

The haikus blind me with their sheer virtuosity.

brian said...