Monday, May 26, 2008

a video of the best rock band... ever.

This is the Pixies doing one of those rare songs that can be linked to a moment in life where a certain clarity is reached and things change. Here it is in acoustic beauty at some folk fest that I really should have been at. French Panic saw them live, but I did not.

It is also proof that I should always be worried about my weight. If you campare Frank Black's photos from the late 1980's to today, you can see just how easy it is to get morbidly obese. I'm sure everyone told him he had nothing to worry about too.


french panic said...

I think everyone should worry about getting fat. It creeps up on you.

Are you talking about a moment in your life where a certain clarity was reached because of this song?

Because discovering the Pixies actually did change my life - as dramatic as that sounds, it's true. I can actually think of my life as BP and AP (Before Pixies, After Pixies). It was the summer after my 16th birthday, and things were very different after that.

Jodi said...

My husband, Wil, is the HUGEST Frank Black/Pixies fan. HUGE. But he had not seen that video. It made him all excited. He wanted me to say "tell them I've got lots of concert footage, if they want to see it. I'll put some up on my blog. Tell them! I LOVE FRANK BLACK!"