Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas clown

This was my most unexpected Christmas surprise.

It was initially left behind by a friend who found it in the street. He did not tell me that he abandoned it for me to discover after he was safely away. It just sat on the boot rack.

I returned it.

Then some friends engaged us in a gift giving game where we bring something we don't want so you can burden someone else with. I gave up a university textbook that I never read in the first place. The friend gave the clown head.

I ended up with a poster of a model wearing granny panties posing on a red ferrari.

In a wholly unexpected move, I exchanged it (you are allowed one exchange in this strange new Christmas game) for this porcelain work of art. I could have chosen anything else. Perhaps something not so disturbing.

I think I'm growing fond of it. It looks exactly like Gilbert Gottfried.

Sometimes I put it in the fridge.