Sunday, May 04, 2008

the amps.

I have been inhaling a steady muscial diet of The Amps lately. It is the band that Kim Deal was somehow involved in for a certain period of time.

A steady diet of the Amps is a good way to spend a slightly sad night of driving and absently thinking about various topics.

As with most things cool in music that I have been exposed to, my very most favorite person French Panic introduced me to it. I listened to the whole album several times on the lonely highway 16 from Edmonton to Hinton. It was night for most of it and I had forgotten how to engage high beams seeing as I just don’t drive at all anymore and my brand new Québecois license has become simply incidental in my life.

Once again, I find myself in Hinton mere days before French Panic’s birthday, unable to celebrate with her and her birthday twin avec famille.

I have become accustomed to my Montréal life, and the west is shaking me awake again.


french panic said...

I didn't celebrate with birthday twin et famille anyway. But you already know that.

french panic said...

sometimes when aimlessly drifting around the internet, I click on over here, hoping for an update and instead re-read your old post and then I feel all shy reading about my Profound Music Influence on you...

I scored some more GOOD music today: 60s R&B and a reggae complilation with Eek-a-mouse and Yellowman! Hurraaay!