Wednesday, November 28, 2007

not so smart cars

I know I should welcome the 'smart' car, but I don't. Calling an object smart makes me nervous. Could it be that I might be outsmarted by a car or a toaster? To me, smart implies a certain level of sentience.The thought that an object might have a more rewarding life experience than me because it has figured out all that I cannot, is not comforting.

My mother decided she wanted one this past summer. I don't know why. My parents have two SUVs and a truck as well as a tractor (plus a car up on blocks). Granted, they live near the top of a mountain on a west coast island... but how does a smart car fit in? That little pod of a auto surely couldn't make it up the 1.5 km switchback drive way. I believe she thought it was cute. I also believe she told me about it to fill in 30 minutes of silence that I was enjoying before the phone rang.

In the end, she didn't get the 'smart' car. The deciding factor was the complete lack of cup holders. Cup Holders!

And that is how decisions are made.

If you happen to feel guilty about all the climate change and you want to do something about it to show the world you care, don't buy another car. Park the one you already have and walk. Cause in the end, a smart car is just another car on the road, and a pretty ugly one too.


Wilma said...

Cup holders, visor size & adjustable seats ~ the important things to look at when car shopping.

It's easy to park your car when you live in a city, but when you're 200km from anywhere, it's not an option. Climate change or no.

french panic said...

Dear Smart Pamplemousse,

I've run out of words to say. I meant to say something splendorifically smart right here, right now, but have been flailing around my keyboard for the past 5 minutes. Nothing smart is coming from my fingertips.

Smart French Panic

P.S. Your parents are insane.

Anonymous said...

Haha! My mother has a smart car and she is so proud of it. She bought it largely because of its cuteness. She also has a green strapless dress that matches it perfectly and her huge mop of curly blond hair looks splendid flying out the windows as she zooms around at 70 km/hr, her conscience clear. She does say though that it frightens her that the car is smarter than she is...


Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but is it possible that the car might be smarter than your mother? Hey! Don't get your knickers in a knot. I'm just asking...

Pamplemousse said...