Friday, November 09, 2007

squirrels are taking over

They don't seem dangerous.

But wikipedia assures me that these frighteningly intelligent rodents
(as smart as a dog)
have brought down the NASDAQ, twice.

I don't know what the NASDAQ does exactly.

I don't have an MBA or investments.

But I am humbled that this little monster,
that insisted I take his picture,
knows exactly how to take down the system

and I don't.


Blue said...

Amazing photo's of 'rats with tails'. May I poach one of them?

Best wishes

I frequently look in, having found you via my actual friend Wilma @ Deathbedmoment!

Pamplemousse said...

Sure you can use one.

If you could just give me credit, maybe a link to my blog if you have the time.

I'm happy being called pamplemousse to hide my true secret identity.

Thanks for liking the photos enough to want to use them.

jen sees world said...

Haha this picture really captures the devious glint in his eye too. I don't know what the NASDAQ is all about either, but the fact that squirrels can do something to destroy it makes me want to find out :)