Monday, March 08, 2010

partial youtube success.

I am trying very hard to be a short documentary film maker. Apparently, there is no money in it, but there is an academy award for such a thing... so maybe that means some respect. Of course, everyone with a mac lap top and a camera is also trying to be a filmmaker, so it is a tough slog. I think perhaps I may find myself building coffee for people with better jobs than mine soon.

I always thought the difference in quality would be noticed by the masses, but it really hasn't happened yet. Why? Because I put some misplaced faith in the youtube viewing public. I now realize my mistake. Youtube audiences are only interested in cute animals and sex... or some random act of violence. Substance is not rewarded.... at all.

Much like this blog, it is too easy to get lost in the internet... so I tried to get noticed. This time by shamelessly adding a true but misleading title to a video of my parents' new puppy.

Well, it hasn't gotten many hits, but I can proudly show this image from a quick search I made... it was on the first page of results, snuggled between porno results.

It will be a slow rise to viral status, but you 5 to 10 readers a day can help. Send a link to it around (it's only 3 posts down. Write the address on bathroom walls... or in library books, especially those of a more tawdry nature. Help a camera kid out and get those result numbers up from 51 hits to 51 000 hits.

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