Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm back.

I have not written much lately. Nor have I taken many brilliant photos.

French Panic and I have been busy with life lately. She has written more eloquently about events than I have so far managed.

The economy is bad, I’m told.

I don’t understand it, despite two university classes named economy. I lost sight of the point shortly after demand and supply. What I do understand is that when shit goes down, the arts suffer first.

So all the funding ‘promised’ has not materialized.

So far, I’ve made a total of 500 bucks, 300 still outstanding, as a filmmaker. I’ve also been told that I’m on the cusp of making a living at this, but that same person told me to apply for welfare after my EI runs out.

I refuse to do so while I still have no children to feed and working legs, brain and hands.

And that is why I’m back in Hinton town working as a rappel fire fighter.

As sad as I am to leave French Panic back in Montréal, I need to be out here. It is my happy place and there has been precious few happy moments in the last 2 months since disaster struck.

But other things have happened.

I had a piece of me that was growing just under my scalp removed and named it Murray.

I bought my second apple laptop and named it Jezebel 3.

I made a short documentary as part of my presentation at work, and it was well received. I did not name it.

And I made two short documentaries that are now posted on the internet here and here. Please comment there, good or bad. I'm very proud of them as it represents a certain attainment as a rookie filmmaker... in fact, I might call it my graduation from just another mile ender with a camera and a laptop, to someone with actual skill and potential.

Eventually I will expand on all these adventures, but it is 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon and I still haven’t had a coffee.

More later.


Carrie said...

Yes, applying for welfare demonstrates commitment & dedication to film making. Clearly you lack commitment. Don't you know that ARTISTS MUST ALWAYS SUFFER for their work? If you aren't suffering, it just ain't worth it.


jensel said...

Hope to work with you this summer!