Wednesday, December 05, 2007


It snowed here in Montréal. It's very pretty and, for a day or so, it really had a happy impact on traffic. And by that I mean, not so many people drove.

The snow didn't make as many people as happy as I would have thought. Angry muttering about the lack of snow removal started surprisingly quickly. No wonder city workers are so grumpy. No one is ever happy with them. How do you think parking ticket people feel about their snow day? How do you even find the windshield to hand out tickets?

Kids got monday off of school. Two of my friends under 10 were busy building snow forts and watching movies while sipping hot chocolate. Seems like a reasonable way to spend a snow day.

I'm not sure I understand adults.

If you saw your car in the state of the above photo (yup, there is a car under that) wouldn't you just call it a day and build your own snow fort?

Get a life, fellow adults, or you'll drop of a heart attack while angrily shoveling snow and muttering about city hall while kids laugh and throw snowballs at you... kids are useless at CPR and will think you are just screwin' around anyway.

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