Saturday, September 08, 2007

the cult of facebook

I’m writing again, after having my soul slowly sucked from me as I sit at this very computer over the past week and a half.

Never again will I do anything for long lost friends who pop out of the facebook world and ask for help. I thought I was doing a nice thing for someone, cause I thought I had the time. Apparently communication got a little screwy from the beginning, and I’m merely an employee in this person’s eyes, reduced to taking abuse through email and phone for an embarrassingly low amount of cash.

Really, I’m less than that, cause it is pretty much charity work at this point. I’ve been shafted by someone I once thought 10 years ago was a pretty close friend. Turns out she just wanted something for nothing and was prepared to shit on me to get it. Don’t ever piss off a volunteer. It will hurt you later.

So today’s post is about the dangers of facebook.

Facebook is a cult. If you doubt this fact, think of how you ended up with an account. Were you actually seeking a brand new way to email your friends?

Probably not.

Probably, like me, you barely remember that fateful click of the mouse. You just got tired of invitations clogging your email program and thought, ‘what harm could this do?’

After you clicked, suddenly you had to accumulate friends. The thrill of competition is very addictive. How many more friends can I have than that guy I worked with 10 years ago. Or my spouse. Then the website asks you to kindly search for other friends that you know through email.

Before you know it, you are tied to the computer trying to gain acceptance from the masses. Reconnecting with old friends and forgetting why you aren’t close friends anymore. (Anyone reading this who is an old friend of mine, it probably doesn’t apply to you. Of course I would say that, wouldn’t I? Please don’t deny me the virtual friendship.)

Then come the groups. Oh how I always wanted to be the popular kid in junior high and high school. Sadly, as is detailed in my post Trousers of Terror, this was well beyond my control. Of course I’ll click and accept any group that will have me.

You are rewarded on facebook for being active. You can add all sorts of very stupid doo-dads that promise hours of clicking fun. I don’t really get it. Sending people icons of perverted ideas doesn’t really contribute anything, does it? Sure, send me a hand job.... it’s still not a real hand job, is it? Kind of useless. Even the thought of a handjob without the actual follow through is not that appealing. It’s just sad and frustrating.

It reminds me of that strange plan to end world hunger by clicking on a website. Apparently that doesn’t really work otherwise we would have moved on to ending the genocide in Darfur by now and would be well on our way to halting climate change.

I’m not sure what the motive is behind these stupid games. Someone is creating them, so I gather someone is making money off of this. But who, and why, and, most importantly, how... and who (again)?

Perhaps it is the makers of icy hot causing a plague of carpal tunnel syndrome as we all click our way to the inevitable computer geek posture. Once we all have the same aliment, it will be easy to dominate us as a society. No one will be able to even raise their good hand to fight. Our opposable thumbs will be useless.

And just like a cult, people will object to those who question the wisdom of facebook. I’ve heard people get rather defensive about it claiming that this will bring the world closer together.

No it won’t.

People always respond that this is merely a conspiracy theory. But there are real conspiracies. It really does happen. Isn't this also what fellow members of a cult would tell you when you’d suggest that things aren’t on the up and up?

We bitch and whine, with good reason, that the government is trying to spy on us. (They are.) They don’t have to spend money on spying on us anymore. Just a couple of guys in front of facebook can find out pretty much anything such as where you have been throughout your life, who your friends and acquaintances are, what you are up to that very day.

Last night, I even managed to track down the wife of the stupidest and nastiest person I have ever met in the world, only to discover that she is pregnant with his demon child. It made me slightly sick to think that such a man is now reproducing. It may even drive me to reproduce to offset the effect of yet another spoiled little rich kid to populate this planet.

It’s really not healthy for me to have access to such information.

We just pour our guts out on this site and not enough of us are getting suspicious.

Think hard before you accept friendship from that guy who bullied you in elementary school. Is he really your friend? Or does he just want a chance to bully you some more from the safety of the interweb, cause he’s fat now and couldn’t possibly really hurt you in the real analog world.

It is time to revolt against the facebook cult.

Oh, and don’t drink the facebook kool-aid.


french panic said...

what sort of crazies think facebook will bring the world closer together?

I don't really have anything to add. I agree with you completely. My love of facebook is sick and dangerous and has caused multiple shoulder/neck cramps, not to mention confusion, betrayal, and irritation.

Why do people become facebook friends when they have NO intention of responding to emails or wall postings from their other "long lost" facebook buddies?

I need reciprocation, even in virtual relationships.

Headgirl said...


I was invited onto Facebook by my 4 x removed cousin! I joined. Made a couple of connections, joined one group by invitation. Then stepped back & looked @ my so called friends sites & was horrified @ the obvious addiction to list ones life, find lost, previously unwanted so-called friends, report enen the most routine thing " I'm drinking coffee"
I quit. Don't intend to return.
True I write a sometimes very personal blog but its my internet diary. I don't expect anything from it.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to hear your point of view on Facebook. I guess your biggest mistake was to add to many people on Facebook. I only have my close and relatively close friends and it is a great place to share. I have refused invitation to anybody I do not plan to share things, or, not to offend them, I added them to the Limited profile list. I don't want this people to stick their nose in my private life. And there are very good (though clumsy) privacy settings which prevent the other people from seeing your information. I always thought how people handle 700 friends. I guess I know how now.

Anonymous said...

Wow this post is old now i know, but i thought I had to comment because nearly a year on from the last comment facebook's world domination has risen to new heights.

It seems there is no one left who has not only joined but become obsessed with facebook. One particular friend will have a convo on the phone and be relaying info about facebook to me as i sit there bored trying to drag her into the real world and explain to her why maybe its not such a good idea to joke about chucking a sicky at work on facebook.

I for one cannot wait for everbody to get bored with it?! ( or atleast not be so defensive over it) and stop being such needy, attention seeking sheep!

Sh****l S***d