Thursday, April 01, 2010

hey... i found a good band on the internet.

Fucking blogger!

I just wrote a long bit about my neglect of this blog. It was brilliant and led into my discovery of a Texas Band.

I'm afraid, because I hit a strange key board shortcut entirely by accident, my brilliance is forever lost.


Anyway, here is a band I discovered because some francophone discovered it at the South by Southwest music fest that sounds like something I ought to go to. Texas seems like an interesting place; death penalty even for the mentally challenged, concealed firearms and outlawed sex toys, who wouldn't want to take a vacation there?

I don't know much about this band other than it is called The Strange Boys. They have a MySpace page, which I do not, nor will I. They are also younger than me. I will not become bitter about this, I don't think.

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