Friday, February 26, 2010

BC Forestry invades downtown Vancouver.

There are many strange events going on in Vancouver, and not everything makes a whole lot of sense. The complete lack of logic and absurdity is fun, although I'm a little bored of it at this point.

One of the oddest and least advertised events was put on by BC Forestry, and I had the best view in the city. Through the magic of youtube, you also can enjoy a shittier version of what I saw.

I shot this from the control tower overlooking Coal Harbour.

Currently I am very frustrated with youtube. I searched for the above video and could not find it. Granted, it isn't my finest work and the encode youtube puts on an already encoded file does do it any favours, but I get 5 hits at the time of this writing, 2 being mine for testing purposes, and a crappy video taken from North Vancouver where this huge bomber is only a dot gets 45.

Youtube is showing me that the power of the internet is not something one can always control and leaving things up to the masses is risky business. On that note, the Olympic Dissent documentary I put up is currently stalled at 301 hits, which I was proud of until I found other shitty videos on the side bar getting several thousand hits... and they had no interviews. Just shots of cops grabbing idiots who chose to attack said cops.

Really? Is this how shallow the public is? Cute kittens, porno and people doing stupid shit, is that all the internet is? And I had such high hopes with wikipedia and the like.

I believe me and the internet will soon be parting ways.

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Carrie said...

I think you are a liar and your pants are on total fire -- I cannot believe that you will disconnect from the internet.


(my encryption code to leave a message is "rantedly".)