Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canada... why so lazy?

I try to avoid preaching as it tends to bring out the worst qualities in humans. So I’m torn apart trying to chastise my fellow Canadians that refused to vote this week.

Here is the dilemma; we live in what folks like to call a ‘free’ or ‘democratic’ in which we have a chance to choose our overlords. We are lucky to have this option, but it is, in the end, an option. I must respect the right of those who refuse to put the effort of walking some blocks and use a pencil to put an X in one of several happy little circles.

I would like to believe that these people have come to this decision with some sort of intellectual process as in ‘I refuse to vote due to the fact that all options sicken me’ or ‘I am not well enough informed to make an adequate decision.’

That sort of sentiment I can get behind. I do love sticking it to the man and when the election was announced, I had a similar notion. Since moving to this Montréal home I have voted in several elections and each one leaves me feeling rather inconsequential.

However, as interviewers with the non-voting public show us, most people are just too lazy. Some seem more interested in the American election because it makes for better television. It certainly is the theater of the absurd.

We are Canadian though. We cannot vote for an American president and with 15 minutes of coverage on the Daily Show each evening, I think we can safely say we are as well informed as will matter to the average Canadian.

Other folk didn’t know about an election, which is frightening since so many found the time to turn election signs into what they ought to be; mockery of anyone foolish enough to run for public office.

I do enjoy the idea of the Bloc Québecois being run by KISS.

Good old Gilles seemed be the main target for pranksters. I think his pretty eyes disturbed some holligan. I'm not sure what the 'w' is about. It certainly takes away from the blacked out eyes.

Perhaps it is better that the stupid not vote.

It is embarrassing.

Only 59.1 percent of eligible voters bothered to vote. THE WORST EVER since 1867!!!

As if that wasn’t enough, my precious CBC had people calling in asking if the election could not be done online next time. Holy shit. We are a lazy bunch. There isn’t even any snow on the ground yet.

I won’t go on about thousands dying for our right to vote, mostly because I don’t believe that to be ultimately true at all. We don’t really live in a truly free country. No one does. We all have to live by rules that allow society to run somewhat smoothly. True freedom would infer that I could go and beat Mr. Harper with some sort of hard, blunt object because he needlessly ripped funding away from the very people who could help fund me and my little project. Jerk.

If we don’t bother to vote for people to make such rules, we will find a day when it will not be an option. We will then only be voting for our favorite dancer or singer or survivor.

We need this electoral process. We need our administrators to be scared of us at least once every few years. Otherwise we might finding ourselves having to protest. I’m warning you, lazy Canadians, protesting involves much more walking (sometimes running, fighting, getting arrested etc.) never mind all the extra dull reading involved.

Seriously, get off your ass next time this comes up. You did pay for it after all.


Wilma said...

My sentiments exactly.

wire monkey mama said...

I agree completely. In fact, I would like to add to all those who feel that their vote doesn't matter, and "what's the use? The bad guy will get in anyway...". It was a MINORITY government. It still IS a minority government. Only 46% of those who actually got the piano untied from their large behinds voted for Harper. It was NOT in the bag- every vote mattered, people. So if you didn't vote and you don't like Harper, well tough titties for you. You gave up your right to complain because you chose not to use your voice.
As Zola (I think) said: "J'accuse!"
And, as my Grandma would say, "Shame on you."

Dirtycanuck said...

Hmmm....try voting non-conservative in AB. The candidate in my riding has shown himself to be an intolerant prick who views the Bible as a how-to manual, and he still took something like 75% of the vote. Also, Elections Canada, try to train your polling station employees a little better next time.

Pamplemousse said...

I did try that... for years. I'm not doing that anymore. I'd rather live in a neighbourhood where I feel like I'm the conservative one. It makes things far more interesting.

I hate to see politics become the sunday school of my youth.

I suggest writing the intolerant prick several letters in the coming weeks. None of them should make any sense, contain several obscure words that will force the prick to look them up. Be outraged, or not at all. Mostly just have fun knowing that he will have to deal with in some fashion.

After all, the postage is free.

french panic said...

oh. my. god. I TOTALLY forgot that postage to the Ottawa place is FREEEEEEE. Thank you. My professional crank letter writing career begins now.