Monday, March 10, 2008

an open letter to alberta.

Dear Alberta,

What gives?

Do you not understand the theory of democracy?

Again, you voted for conservatives. I think that makes over 40 years of next to no change in political philosophy.

It isn’t so much that you voted the same greedy ‘man’ back in. There is some logic. Everyone is getting rich, except for the poor, so why fuck with a good thing, right?

Well, it more has to do with the fact that so few of you voted for a viable opposition. How can you, as a province grow culturally and intellectually, if any conflicting ideas are suppressed by the very system built to assure that all can have a say in affairs?

This isn’t a hockey game you know. An election isn’t about destroying the other political party. Surely some of you don’t entirely agree with the status quo.

You know what’s gonna happen don’t you? One day soon, the ‘man’ will do as he/she wishes, and when you try to find someone to bitch on your behalf, you’ll find it is the very same person doing as she/he wishes.

It is nearly a one party system. Enjoy your, so far, benign dictatorship.


An ex-albertan.

ps - 20% voter turn out in Fort McMurray?! Seriously, get off your collective ass! Surely you can climb down from your giant pickup for 5 minutes. You spend several times that amount of time waiting for your precious Tim Horton's coffee every day.

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