Wednesday, March 19, 2008

cbc exam part 2 - the results.

Just moments ago, my email program happily chimed to let me know of my latest email.

It was the results from last week's attempt at the infamous CBC entrance exam.

As I had feared, it was a fail.

57%. Just 3 % shy of the cut off mark. I'm betting it was the grammar question that got me. That and the dozen questions regarding electricity and set building that I had no hope of getting.

I wouldn't have been proud with just a 60% either, but the test itself was unfair. How am I to be an expert at 11 different and mostly unrelated technical skills? There was no realistic way to study for this. Where do I start with computer programming? What level of competence are they looking for in my ability to put screws into a set?

So now I am supposed to wait a further 12 months before I will be deemed mature enough to try again.

Well think again, CBC. I will not be crawling back begging for a job.

Instead, when I've calmed down some, I will be sending a well written letter of outrage, and I expect to be listened to...


french panic said...

down with standardized testing! boo!

dara said...

hi there,
i just saw your blog about the exam. i have to take it too but from what you said it sounds petty impossible! i was told i have to take it in french. did you sit yours in english? any pointers would be much appreciated.
many thanks!

Pamplemousse said...

Hi Dara,

I took mine in French. That isn't a problem for me, but the french grammar question is how the test starts. I'm not so strong on my written grammar.

Perhaps the test is written with a certain school program in mind. It seems impossible to me as it encompasses several different jobs that are varied. I'm a video editor and camera person, but was floored as to why I had to have electrician skills, computer programming skills, carpentry skills and satellite communication skills. Basic knowledge, I'm sure, but I don't have basic knowledge of every one of the many jobs at the CBC, and you just can't fake technical knowledge.

What I'm saying is that you need to be lucky, good at tests or have many skills.

CBC likes people with skills.

Feel free to send any other questions my way. Appreciate the comment.

dara said...

well, erm... if you could recall all 150 questions from all 11 sections of the exam and type them up here with an englsih translation, that would be really super.
...or any other hints would be a bonus too!