Monday, January 04, 2010

lazy post.

I couldn't remember the name of this song, but my 'roommate' happens to be a information professional and managed to track down the very song I meant with only the following description: 'I don't remember the name of it, but I think it was in a macintosh ad and she has a jewish name... i think she is Israeli. Do you know which song I mean?'

In the interest of proper credit, I have nothing to do with this video other than admiring it. I found it on youtube. The singer is Yael Naim, she is in fact israeli, and this song did show up on teevee selling various apple products. Steve Jobs himself picked it out. I always thought he was a robot with an apple designed friendly chip installed.

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Wilma said...

I lurve this song. She has such a clear voice, & the tune is so infectious, but in a good way ~ not like the herp.

That's bad.

Mayhaps I shouldn't comment after being drugged up for major dental work? Oooooh, shiny!