Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sour milk.

I wish I could say that I made this, but I didn't.

Still it would be a shame to not pass it along.

And that is indeed Oscar nominated actor John C Reilly.

Truly a genius.


carrie said...

Just so you know, this Steve Brule kick you are on lately has been helping me enormously. I will be doing some sort of random terrible necessary errand related to moving, then a snippet of Brule wisdom will pop into my head....... I am now one of those people you pass on the sidewalk who is laughing to herself for no discernible reason, except for the humour in my head.

Every time I think about getting rid of stuff "just give it to me, or poor people, dummy" and I feel calm again. Momentarily.

Anonymous said...

i had a steve brule moment yesterday with some eggs that were apparently rotten. No expiration dates on those babies, but I relied on my nose.

Then I checked the expiration dates on other things in the fridge and ended up throwing out a massive bag of mouldy & expired food.

Steve Brule really helped me out.