Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a photo of america - don't be stealin' it.

I think I took this shot at St. Paul's chapel across from the World Trade Center site. If I remember right, then this picture has marginally more significance. Feel free to insert your own interpretation of any symbolism I missed. Just be sure to send me your theories so that I can use them when the smart people ask me what this photo represents.

I didn't mean to visit the World Trade Center site, I ended up there by accident. I thought it would be a little crass. It wasn't. Some miracle of good taste prevented the selling of memorial coins or 'kill osama' hats.

Seems like it's popular to hate the USA. I worked with someone who hated Americans. I guess she only met the ones on bus tours wearing ball caps that say 'USS Iowa', and saw military dominance in their eyes. She was a little nuts though. I think her boyfriend told her the lunar landings had been faked and she took it personally.

You just shouldn't judge a population by their government. The tricky thing about modern democracy that they don't teach you in grade school is that you need to have a nasty disposition and money to try out. I suppose they do cover that in junior high student council elections.

It's too bad about the stereotypes, because Americans I have met hold the record for fastest stranger to helpful new friend transition.

Well, not all of them. I have met the bus tour people as well.


french panic said...

yes. don't judge a people by their government. just because i'm from alberta doesn't mean i like ralph klein. and just because the quebec govt is totally whacked doesn't mean everyone in quebec is totally whacked. or that all canadians are creepy weird doughboys with no personalities and unfortunate hair (see current prime minister).

carrie said...

when i go out with artists
we talk about language
and the cubists and the dadaists
and i try to catch the meanings
and keep up with all of the martinis
i don't know which
should be my favorite painting.

(crash test dummies, when i go out with artists.)

lovely photo by the way.
what meaning do i pick up on in the picture?
the clouds look ominous, as do the trees and the pointy-ness the angles and on the upper right the light is split up by what appears to be a crack in the sky.

that said, i love church steeples. i want to do a series of paintings of church steeples.

people are people...
cultures are different.
most americans are immersed in their own culture having never been able to experience any other....

well, i've only ever been to tijuana and ensenada. that is the extent of my world experience. i'm hoping for a change at some point in the near future which will allow me some traveling, but we shall see which way the winds of fate blow in this instance.